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Cliffside Villa


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It's a fine spring day at the Cliffside Villa! The Moon Priest contemplates the deep questions of life on the porch, while his daughter strolls the elegantly appointed walkways of the garden. Two guards stand sentry by the staircase, protecting the inhabitants of the Villa from harm. Explore all the secret nooks and crannies of this large set, from the bell tower to the fish pond to the stained glass window behind which the statue of the Moon Maiden is placed! 

Set features: 

- 2568 Pieces 

- 7 Minifigures: The Moon Priest, Moon Priest's Daughter, Statue of the Moon Maiden, (2) Garden Statues, (2) Guards

- Villa features a large stained glass window, metallic Statue of the Moon Maiden on a raised pedestal, and two spacious porches. Upper story features a movable bell! 

- Elegant bridge crosses a large frog pond filled with lily pads and other aquatic plants. See if you can spot the frogs hiding down there! 

- Statuary adorns the garden, which is built onto the cliffs with beautiful brick-built birch and cherry trees in full bloom. 

- Relax on the small bench set below one of the statues!

- Features multiple unique pieces, such as the Ornamental gold fish adorning the roof, the Moon Priest's staff, and much more!

- Spacious basement level beneath the Villa is perfect for placing hidden treasure or whatever you need for added suspense!

But don't just follow that one story for this model, use your imagination to make it your own! This model, on baseplates totaling 32 x 48, can be placed as a standalone model or a complementary model for your modular city! Use it as a pavilion, a city park, or a historical monument in your LEGO town. 

*DISCLAIMER* The model presented here, while as complete as I can make it, will NOT be the exact final product should this make it through the Ideas process! Be aware that parts can be changed, rearranged, and redesigned according to The LEGO Group's professional design standards.

Now that you're here, please lend your support to this project, it will be amazing to make it to 10,000! Be sure to share and tell your friends and family, tell your pets!! And share on social media far and wide! 

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Let's get this project to 10,000, full steam ahead! Thank you for your support and feel free to leave comments! 

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