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NASA Artemis Space Suit



The updated backpack is 15% lighter and 33% thinner, thus closer to the center of gravity, which helps stabilizing the build.

It'll be nice to put the blue NASA logo (a.k.a NASA meatball) on the 1x1 round tile.



NASA Artemis Spacesuit Demonstration

Here is the NASA Video link: the demonstration of the Artemis Spacesuit! The press conference introduces the details of the new spacesuit.

Isn't it cool to think that the woman who is destined to conduct the first female moonwalk in the history is walking somewhere today on Earth?

Wouldn't it be also cool to see this Artemis spacesuit in LEGO stores before her boots hit the moon? 😉

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Courtesy: NASA Video




More photos on Instagram

Thank you very much, 400 Supporters!!!!

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Updated legs

The thighs and shins were also updated. The knees bend nicely!  Some hinge pieces were used on the back of the knees to cover the gaps.

The discrete angles of the rotation disks and the wedge plates work pretty well together!


Footprint quiz

The bottoms of the boots- can you read them? These would be imprinted on the luanr surface!



Yes they are written in Morse codes :-)


Helmet hinge

Another update implemented in the current design: the hinge for the helmet 44822 used to sit below the helmet (95198). Because the hinge was keeping the helmet up against gravity, the helmet was not stable and rattled a lot.

In the new design, the hinge was moved to the top so the helmet is stable and does not rattle.

Timely, the latest NASA mars rover NASA Rover Perseverance is now carrying a piece of the helmet visor to Mars for the duration test!


Shoulder range of motion

In the previous design, the shoulder covers 62360 used to be fixed and limit the shoulder range of motion.

In the new design, the shoulder covers move (rotate upward) as the upper arms are raised. Now you can reach the top of the helmet!


Thank You 300 Supporters!

To celebrate 300 supports (and the anniversary of the first moonwalk on 20th July, 1969), I outfitted the suit in the Apollo style.

Notice the helmet reflection of the LEGO lunar lander 10266 and astronaut minifigure & shadow!

Wondering if these extra pieces for Apollo spacesuit style can be included well within the 3000 piece limit.

Thank you again for your support!


Updated structure!

The LEGO NASA Artemis spacesuit model was updated! All the updates were just approved. Please see the new images on the main page! I think the latest version reflects the actual NASA Artemis spacesuit more accurately, and the model is better-looking, sturdier, and more playable.

Since the initial post, I had my kids play with the model to find issues such as weak structures. One of the challenges was that the elbow joints (44224/44225) were too hard to move, and the arm parts tended to fall off as you try to bend the elbows.

The joint disks in the elbows were replaced with the rotation joint socket (48169/47455/48171) to reduce the torque to bend the elbows. The arms structures, which used to be held by just a few studs, are now firmly secured using the brackets (44728). The change also allowed wider ranges of motion.

I will post more details of the other updates shortly!


Thank you 100 supporters

Thank you all for your warm support.

More updates to come!


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