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NASA Artemis Space Suit


Featured by the Brothers Brick

Thank you Chris Burden at the Brothers Brick to feature this LEGO NASA Artemis Spacesuit!

Check out the article that also has the great summary of the NASA Artemis Program to go back to the moon.


Featured on

Great honor to be featured on the Italian website! Thank you Simone Bissi at Bricknaut for the blog!

Italy is one of the countries in the Artemis Program to go back to the moon.


Helmet update- visor option

A new visor option (88067 and 88068)- hope you like it!



Legonaut on Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269

The legonaut is compatible with the LEGO set #10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy!

The motorcycle needs a roadtrip buddy. How about an astronaut? Doesn't she/he look cool on the (lunar) motorcyle?


Happy Halloween!


Stay safe!


Updated hip and shoulder joints

The hip and shoulder joints were updated for better mobility/posability and realistic look!


First woman and next man minifigs

What do you say to minifig additions of the First Woman and Next Man who will talk on the moon in 2024? How about including faces of all skin colors because we do not know who will walk on the moon in 4 years yet? #inclusive #diversity


Detailing the inside of the portable life support system (PLSS) backpack

Nicely packed!

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