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Monument Valley


The Oubliette Tree - New Creation!

To celebrate the start of 2017, I've uploaded a new addition to my Monument Valley proposal called ‘The Oubliette Tree’.

This is inspired by the 7th level of 'Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores', depicting Ida’s journey through an Oubliette (a secret dungeon).

Ida explores a multitude of intriguing rooms and magical interiors, finally discovering a small sapling. This transforms into a beautiful and captivating tree, flourishing with colourful, tranquil leaves.

Please keep sharing, supporting and following my project to help reach 5000 votes (for an extra 182 days) and 10K too!

Thank you again for the encouraging comments and keep posted, more updates coming very soon!

Isometry :)



Thank you for all your support!

A huge thanks to Ustwo for designing the awesome Monument Valley Game, inspiring me to create this project. And also for supporting and sharing my Lego Ideas Project on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

It has been incredible to see all the amazing articles and reviews about the project appearing across the world in so many different countries; on websites such as Eurogamer, Kotaku, Digital Trends, Pocket Gamer, Digital Arts, Wired, Telegraaf, PSFK, Curbed, Droid Gamers, Mashable, Ubergizmo, Android Central, Gamezebo, Igromania and many many more!! (Search 'monument valley Lego' on Google)

Extra thanks to all the supporters, including LEGO and Monument Valley fans, for their votes, shares and brilliant comments so far!

I’ve created more levels and updates, aiming to upload them soon; just had to focus on studies lately. :)

Please keep sharing and supporting to help reach 10K!

Cheers, Isometry :)

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