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Attention: COOL-Designed SPYRIUS-Mecha Specialized for SPY/Strike Mission is Now Online!
To GALAXY Takeover🔥

Awesome Video at the End! Check it out ❤️

Why I built it:
Back to the Magic Year 1994, LEGO released a System Space theme SPYRIUS, Very cool Theme at 90s.

Spyrius was released in 1994, right alongside Unitron and just after Ice Planet 2002. They were the first "bad" theme to succeed Blacktron. Spyrius played a slightly more specific role than Blacktron, namely to spy on the unwitting Ice Planet folks and steal valuable technology from them. Whereas Blacktron seemed to be waging a full-scale war against the galaxy, Spyrius seemed content to lurk in the shadows and quietly monitor their enemies, thieving and pillaging when they can. They were more like space vikings than anything else!

Since then, I become a hardcore Lego SPACE fan and I deeply love 90s system space themes ( Blacktron I&II, Mtron, Exploriens, Spacepolice II, Insectoids) So 26 years after, I become an AFOL but I still not forget my favorite lego theme. Now I decide to realize my childhood Dream. 

Using all I got in Mind, aiming to Make SPYRIUS Great Again !
About the Model:
For AFOL, MECHA is always a COOL object to build. The “21109” Exo-suit inspired me, so I decide to create a BIG-SIZE Mecha for SPYRIUS theme. Right after my Exploriens-Mecha project:

MECHA is all about man control mechanical body armor. That’s why I cancel HEAD part. U can find my Mecha shape similar with Robot Jox, They are all my inspiration during Design Process. I use to design the whole body from frame to armor. I will release more designing process pics in UPDATES if you guys are interested. 

Stability is important to a Lego build, Therefore I have built both digitally and in real bricks. The best part I like most is the core central control unit. In order to increase the SCI-FI level, I used most of my “Control Panel slope bricks Unit”. (Count around 8 SCI-FI pieces) It gives me a strong sense of security about the coolness of my MECHA.

Parameters:The total part count amounts to approx. 977 bricks 
The whole body parts consists of:

-    One Arm: 81 bricks
-    CORE part, 249 bricks
-    BACKUnit part, 83 bricks
-    One Leg:  194 bricks

The approx. size of the MECHA (according to is: 28.7 x 15.8 x 42 in Stud
My Special DUAL-Pilots Design. So NOW we need TWO SPYRIUS Minifigs to Pilot.

Why I believe Exploriens-Mecha would make a great LEGO Set:

1996 Lego System Space SPYRIUS Series is my 2nd Mecha Design. This MOC SPYRIUS-Mecha means Childhood DREAM Come-true to me. So to me, I am very happy to enjoy this LEGO love for 26 years and still keeping it. I would like all lego fans to see my work and feel the same LEGO love Magic.(Love it, Build it and Create it)
For AFOLs: SPACE Theme is always the Coolest Theme and with Most Memories in their grow-up periods. Most of AFOLs experienced the great 90s system space series and even 1970s Classic Space series. Even till now, “Bring Back Classic Space” is a big request from AFOLs Group.
Thus you can clearly feel the popularity of 90s SPACE Theme Design. 
Among all space idea projects, most are spaceships, space bases and Vehicles. Big Size Mecha like this is very rare to seem. 

The SPYRIUS-Mecha is detailed enough and offers good playing Features. Looks very COOL both standing alone and with space base Setup. Hope you like it!!

Last but not least, Quote from a talented lego designer “Giorgiochronasevery”, Said: Every AFOL interested in space themes will have good old memories and connection to the past through this set.
Thanks for supporting the idea of a 90s System space world.

Awesome Video about my Design Process.
For your Reference🔥

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