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Hockey Rink


This hockey game is action packed. This hockey rink has remote controlled lights in the goals for when you score. These lights can also be turned on and off using an axel if you don’t have the remote control. The 15 fans are here to cheer on the 14 players and the 4 coaches. There is one score keeper in between the penalty boxes and one zamboni driver. All the glass except around the penalty boxes is easily removable. The battery pack for the lights is easily removable by unplugging it and then taking out only 2 pieces. There is an axel stored under the stands for manually tuning on and off the lights. Also under the stands is small area that contains the 2 pucks for the game and 3 balls for you to shoot around on the rink. The goals have some pegs that go into the ice so it stays in place but when hit they will move preventing injuries.

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