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Apple Macintosh 128K


History in the Making!

Other 2 pics from the development. Hope you enjoy the montage! ;-D

The first: Woz and Jobs with their project (sort of). Woz is not sure about those plastic capacitors.
In this one, Woz is mocking me: is trying to write "hello.", but he can't find the letters on the keyboard.

And again, thank you for all the support!!!



More than 100 comments! Wow!

Just a fast THANK YOU to everyone who commented my Mac! I already gave you the instructions so little is left to share but my thanks... Maybe I will try to upload the project again, 'cause you're SO MANY! But right now I have so little time. It's not a good period in here: I started using LDD to fill the void my mother left one year ago, and it worked.. a little. Now I'm tring not to think too much: stuff piled up, other losses and things to fix.
Well, that's life. For better and for worst! The important part is never forget the things that made us thrill and move, and those who led us in the right direction. Again, thank you all! ;-)

PS: I hope Michelangelo doesn't take it personally... :-D



Hello ereryone! I'll never reach 1000 views, so I guess a little present would be nice for all the supporters. Here's the project for the Apple Macintosh 128k. You must use the LEGO Digital Design program to view it (you can download it for free on the LEGO website, HERE!); click F7 to create the building leaflet and... enjoy your creation!!! :-D

If you want to use the file for something other than for yourself, please contact me first! ;-)

(click on the "download" arrow in the upper-central part)


The perfect world

Just saying... Could've been nice.
Dear Steve, rest in peace.