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Apple Macintosh 128K

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You can't forget your first computer or console. Never. The feeling when you received it; the pulse to use it at every opportunity, and the desire to share the happiness, inviting friends home to play. From this love comes this project...

The first Apple Macintosh, the 128K, was released in 1984. Despite my white version, the original was light beige, with a 9" monitor, a keyboard and even a mouse (not an everyday gadget, those days). It used 3.5" disks and a handle on top made it easier to move around.
The initial price was $2.495 (like nowadays $5.600, or €4.500), because of the top-notch hardware. After the 128K, there was the 512Kb (the fat one) and then the Lisa... but this is another story.

As the other Minicomputers I did (check them out HERE), this version has everything in scale, with all the inner parts in the right place: the CRT monitor, the 2 mainboards (the motherboard and the one for the power+monitor), the disk drive, the keyboard and the mouse. Every Apple fanatic should be happy... or at least, I hope so. Let me know!!!

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