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Lego Store Modular Version


9K update: Winter Holiday Season Decorations!

Dear all Lego lovers,

Finally, this moment has come! It is much earlier than I expected.

I thought I could get 8K supports at the year end but now I have more than 9K supports with 1K new supporters in a week!

Again, I really appreciate your continuous support and interest.

For celebrating this year-end holiday season, I have been preparing for the winter holiday season decorations.

Even though it would be too early for that, I have to post the result as the update for 9K supports.

As I mentioned before, this Lego Store Modular Version fits with other Modular buildings as you can see the 3rd update.

At the same time, this building looks amazing even when it stands alone. With this winter holiday season decoration, it is even much much beautiful!

Please enjoy.

Here is the close-up of technic gears which you love.

Thank you so much again!



Micro scale version for celebraing 8K supports and Staff Pick!

First of all, I would love to express my deep appreciation to all Lego Ideas' staffs, supporters and followers.

I was overwhelmed by being selected as Staff Pick and getting over 700 new supports in less than a week.


To celebrate this unexpected event, I have built a micro scale version to display in the store. For adding more fun, I also have taken some pictures of the workshop where my mini-figure built it.


This is the workshop where my mini-figure is working on the micro-scale version. As you may noticed, I have slightly modified the third floor of Ghostbusters HQ to make this workshop.

My mini-figure has finalized the micro-scale version. The core part is the gear roof top and Lego signboard.

Let us compare the three different versions. Wow, they look exactly same! :-)

The back side is much simpler in the micro-scale version with a bit larger yellow 2x2 tile brick.

Finally, my mini-figure is preparing to display the micro-scale version on the show window.

I hope you find these pictures interesting enough.

Thank you again and please stay tuned until I get 10K supports!


Free LDD instruction of Lego Store mini version

Dear all,


I knew that this moment would come but I am truely overwhelmed by 7K supports now!

I have been thinking about what I have to do to show my appreciation. Finally, I decided to share the LDD instruction file of Lego Store mini version for free.

As you can find below, I have uploaded the pictures of Lego Store mini version a few months ago for celebrating 5K supports.

Since then, I have completely modified the details with more bricks (total of 249) and the roof which can be detached.

You can download the file directly from (Please change the extension to .lxf if it is not the case after downloading) 

As you are aware, this file can not be used for any commercial purpose at all.

Please also include my id(kashaka) with the URL of this project ( when you share with somebody esle.

I will be very happy to see any picture or review of the replicas.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to a Lego lover nicknamed 'play' who is actively participating in the Lego community called 'Minimal Brick' and made this LDD file for me who is a complete novice of LDD.

Again, thank you for your supports!  



Opening day scenes for celebrating 6K supports!!

Dear all followers and supporters!

I am so glad to post this update because it has been around 2 months since I uploaded the last update.

Again, thank you so much for your interest and support!


Below are diorama scenes of the opening day of Lego Store. As decribed, the store was in preparation of opening under my figure's supervision.

On the opening day, many customers visit the store and buy lego products as you can see in the pictures.

I made those famous big yellow plastic bags with Lego logo since they are my favorate Lego item. 

I am sure those bags make the scenes more realistic.


I hope you enjoy these and share with your friends for me to get more supports!

Thank you again!



Mini modular version for celebrating 5K supports!

Wow... This is amazing!

When I first uploaded this 5 weeks ago, I never imagined to reach this far with over 5K supports!

Most of all, I would like to deeply appreciate all the supports and followings from Lego lovers all around the world.


To celebrate 5K supports, I decided to make a mini modular version which is inspired by 10230 Mini Modulars.

I hope you find this mini version very interesting in figuring out the efforts I put in these two MOCs to make them look as same as possible. 


Even though it was not my initial plan, I will try to upload new updates whenever I get additional 1K supports.

Actually, these days I am enjoying the updates which makes me very interesting and challenging. :-)


Please share this with your other Lego-loving friends for me to get 10K supports!

- kashaka




Micro-scale products in the store

Dear all,

I am really moved a lot with over 4K supports. I have never imagined to have that many supports.

As a reciprocity, I have taken some pictures of micro-scale products I put in the store.

First, below is a picture of total 7 micro-scale products including Wall-e from #31036 and the train from #10199 with some modifications, which are my favorate micro-scale products ever.

The hulkbuster, the sea cow(from Lego Movie) and the space suttle are what I made from scratch.  Other  two vihicles are just my simple creations.

Below is a picture on the in-store show windows which can be opened for new micro-scale products which you may want to put in later.


BTW, I also got amazed to find out the review pages on my project such as:

The Bricks Hub:


All Day Bricks:

Gadgetsin :

I hope you find these reviews are very helpful!

Thank you again!



Additional Scenes with Official Modular Buildings.


It is amazing to have over 3,000 supporters at this faster pace than I expected!

With these new service cuts, I would love to show how my Lego Store looks like when it is put in-between other official modular buildings.

As you can see below, my Lego Store is well mingled with most of official modular buildings.

1. Lego Store in-between Parisian Restaurant(#10243) and Green Grocer(#10185) 

 2. Lego Store in-between Fire Brigade(#10197) and Grand Emporium(#10211)

3. Back side of Lego Store in-between Fire Brigade(#10197) and Green Grocer(#10185)

Again, Thank you so much for your support.

Please stay tuned until I get 10,000 supports!



Additional scenes with Lego delivery truck


I got really amazed with over 2100 supports so far! It is my honor and I am getting excited about having more and more supports every day.

To celebrate, I have decided to add one more feature as below.

As you noticed already, there is a grey delivery window on the left side of storage for handing over carton boxes to the inside.

To make a realistic scene of the delivery, I modified a Lego delivery truck from City 60097 by extending the length of box with extra bricks. I also made some carton boxes for filling the box of the truck.

Please enjoy these pictures and stay tuned until 10K support!




Service cuts with the Statue of Liberty minifigure

Dear all,

I got really amazed with over 1,600 supports for last 10 days and would like express my sincere appreciation to all of supporters and followers.

These two service cuts are taken with the Statue of Liberty minifigure from the season 6. 

As I mentioned, this store is assumed to be located in NY City and about to open the following day. All employees are now in preparation of opening. They are trying to put the Statue in the main show window.

The first picture depicts the situation where the building designer(myself) is checking the Statue which is just delivered to find out if it fits with the ambience. The second picture is showing the Stature after the display.    

I hope you enjoy these additional pictures!

I wish you provide me a continous support on my project and share this with all of your familiy members and friends.

I want all of you have this Lego Store at your place to modify your own way!! 


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