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WTC Twin Towers & Vista International Hotel 1979


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The WTC Twin Towers and construction of the Vista International Hotel in 1979.

This entry is for my model of the 3 World Trade Center buildings 1,2 and 3, set back in 1979. The year the north tower got its new 362 foot (110 m) radio mast, and the Vista International Hotel was under construction.

The Twin Towers were the first buildings I searched for to see if anyone had built it in LEGO, back when I was rediscovering LEGO as an adult. And after a quick search, I was immediately in awe when I saw all the models, some small and some colossal, and I really wanted them for myself, but couldn't quite figure out an adequate way to build a model that would fit into my own LEGO city. Then after purchasing the LEGO Empire State Building and then the Statue of Liberty set, I knew I had to build the twin's IRB to make the trilogy. So I did, and they look so complete and beautiful together!

Then after 3 years with a lot of good old Danish "nød lærer nøgen kvinde at spinde" (necessity is the mother of innovation), I finally got the number of bricks reduced from my real model containing 5,461 bricks down to 2,999 bricks for LEGO Ideas. I got good help using printed windows on 2x6 tiles. (That saved me 1,440 pieces in itself, from my own with grille tiles). 

About The Model: The two twin skyscrapers, hotel, a made up park with a statue, colourful flowers, and benches under the trees. Lots of other small builds like the building crane, construction vehicles, On the stage is a dancing queen dressed in typical 70s brown dress under the disco lights. Then the 3 sculptures on the WTC Plaza; The Sphere, The Cloud Fortress and the Ideogram. The flag and you might even know who drives the red car, the black and not least the grey too? Then one of New York's eight unreliable double-decker tourist buses at the time. And there are also many more well-known cars that I can't mention, but you find them between all the yellow taxis, limos and even a stretch limo. 

The twin towers, stunning, beautiful, powerful, elegant and a point the entire world looked to. When you saw them. You saw New York. I think this model will look nice in many places, also as a stand-alone piece. It is instantly recognizable, and hopefully will get new fans of LEGO to join our great and creative hobby :)

The building crane is supposed to have 2 strings to it, but I couldn't get them to bend either in LDD nor Studio, so bear with me on my simple line drawings just to give you an idea of how it will be:)

Model Dimensions:
Total Height: 28.6 inches - 72.7 cm
Width: 10.8 inches - 27.1 cm
Length: 9.4 inches - 23.9 cm
2,999 LEGO bricks.

I hope you like this model, and if you do, please take the time to consider voting on this entry.

Thanks for watching, and keep on building! :)

Kind Regards,

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