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WTC Twin Towers & Vista International Hotel 1979


Thank you so much for 2500 supporters!

Here is my prototype model of the Twins by a fjord in Norway in the winter :) The mountain you see in the background is aprox the same height as the real north tower :)



A picture of my prototype in between the Statue of Liberty and Empire State building


Comment section closed.

Dear all supporters of the Twin Towers. The comment section suddently got closed down. I dont know for how long, but I will inform you at once I get a message regarding the close down from LEGO.

Edit 03.01.22
Comment section is open again, but please be nice in the comments so it dont happend again. I got this message in the comments today:

LEGO Ideas Team

We've unlocked the comments again with the expectation that comments remain respectful. Inability to keep comments respectful will result in an immediate and permanent ban from LEGO Ideas.


WOW! 1000 Supporters!

I want to give a big thank you to all of you for supporting my model, and helping reach this milestone. Also for all the kind comments I have gotten :) And a special thank you to those who also has taken the extra time to share this to others :)


Thank you so much for helping me getting a hundred supporters in only a day!

This gave me a year to reach 10.000 voters for LEGO to consider making this as a LEGO set :)