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House of Time


House Of Time

In the tree house there are many items. A boat inside a bottle, a paper book (in both Lego sets)… And a ‘coucou’ in the parents' room.

What would happen if this clock were to become life-size?

Since my childhood, I have been intrigued by all sorts of clocks; in particular, by those objects from the past. 

This Clock was inspired by a place just outside of Switzerland. The clock is made up of a complex system of gears that powers the train which passes under the house in a cave and which also drives the pendulum. A second space is devoted to the mechanisms of the clock of minutes and hours which are synchronized but (deliberately speed up).
The last part activates the exit of the bird, after opening the shutters at regular intervals to allow these different actions to work.

A program has been created on the Lego PowerUp application.

Composed of around 2,800 pieces, it mixes as much technical Lego as classic. Dimension: H 33 x D 20 L x 26 cm.

The originality of this project is that it can be integrated as a wall decoration object while being interactive.

In addition, it can be placed on a table by simply detaching the pendulum.

I sincerely hope that Lego succeeds in meeting the challenge of creating an intricate clockwork system made from gears.

Only time will tell.

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