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House of Time


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In the Treehouse there are many objects. A ship in a bottle, a paperbook (both Lego sets)... and a cuckoo clock inside the parents' bedroom. And what if this clock were to become life-size?

Ever since I was a child I have been intrigued by clocks of all times and in particular those objects that are part of the past that I did not know. Close to Switzerland and Alsace, these wonderful places with their warm and reassuring architecture have inspired the design of the house. It's up to you to wait for the time to ring to see the shutters open and hear the bird's song !

The clock is made up of a complex system of gears that operate the train that runs under the house passing through the cave and also drives the pendulum balance. A second area is dedicated to the mechanism of the minutes and hours clock which are synchronised (but deliberately accelerated). The last part activates the exit of the bird with the opening of the shutters at regular intervals. To enable these different actions to work, power functions has been created on the Lego Powered-Up application. Composed of about 2800 parts, it mixes as much Lego Technic as classic. Dimensions: H33×D20×W26 cm.

The originality of this project is that it integrates like a wall decoration object while being interactive. Moreover, it can be placed on a table by simply detaching the pendulum.  
The clocks are not yet present at Lego and it may be time :) .

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