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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Dino Megazord


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One day, an evil alien sorceress named Rita Repulsa was released from her container that she was imprisoned in for 10,000 years. Once released, Rita decides to conquer the nearest planet which happens to be Earth. Zordon, a galactic wizard originally from planet Eltar and known for his wisdom, orders Alpha 5, his robotic assistant, to choose five "teenagers with attitude" to protect planet Earth from Rita's attacks.

In Angel Grove, California, five teens are suddenly transported away to the Command Center, the headquarters of Zordon and Alpha 5, These five teenagers are Jason Lee Scott, Kinberly Hart, Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan, and Billy Cranston. Once at the Command Center, Zordon gives them the ability to transform into Power Rangers, a superhuman fighting force known for fighting against evil. Jason becomes the Red Ranger, Kinberly is the Pink Ranger, Zack transforms into the Black Ranger, Trini becomes the Yellow Ranger, and Billy is the Blue Ranger.

Along with being able to transform into Power Rangers, they are also given weapons and massive vehicles called Zords. These Zords are capable of combining into one humanoid machine called the Megazord!

I have based this lego idea on those the Power Rangers and the Zords. I also designed a Zordon figure and Alpha 5. Included with the Power Rangers are their weapons that can combine into the Power Blaster. The pieces in front of the Blue and Yellow Rangers are pieces that are not needed for the individual weapons, but are needed to form the Power Blaster. The five Zords not only caple of forming into humanoid form, but also have a Tank Mode. The Megazord is able to call forth weapons known as the Power Sword and Mammoth Shield to help in a fight.

Power Rangers, Zordon, Alpha 5, and weapons = 114
Tyrannosaurus Dinozord = 736
Masodon Dinozord = 517
Triceratops Dinozord = 215
Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord = 253
Pteradatyl Dinozord = 180
Power Sword = 55
Current Total = 2070

I decided to make this set after browsing Netflix and discovering the movie, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always. I had not realized it had been 30 years since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, often shortten to MMPR, had first appeared on tv. I decided to watch the movie and was reminded of when I was a child and watching the Power Rangers fight a new villian almost every episode.

I had made sure to design the Megazord so it can properly transfrom between the five Zord forms and its Megazord form. I also made sure to design the Power Sword for the Megazord to weild. I hope you all like this design as it took me quite a while to make sure everything transformed the way it's suppose to.

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