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Elvis Presley: The King of Rock & Roll


Ladies and Gentelmen, Elvis is back in the building!*

From Memphis to Las Vegas, meet Elvis Presley, the genuine King of Rock & Roll. This set is a collection of some of the most iconic moments in Elvis’ career. Each minifigure is based on a real Presley’s outfit. The set also includes a booklet with Elvis Presley’s biography and his most famous albums and songs.

  • Includes 4 minifigures: Elvis Presley in his gold lamé suit, Elvis Presley in “Jailhouse Rock”, Elvis Presley in “Blue Hawaii” and Elvis Presley in Las Vegas.
  • Accessories include a microphone, a microphone with a base, an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a saxophone, two amps, a surfboard, a crab, a seashell, a vinyl record and four album covers.
  • Special print pieces are one round 2x2 tile with a vinyl, and four 2x2 tiles with the covers of some Elvis’ albums: “Elvis Presley” (1953), “Elvis' Gold Records, Volume 2 (50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong)” (1959), “Elvis (NBC-TV Special)” (1968) and “From Elvis in Memphis” (1969).
  • Each build is inspired by one of the most representative moments in Elvis Presley’s career: the gold lamé suit scene is inspired by Elvis’ first performances, the jail scene is inspired by the movie “Jailhouse Rock”, the beach scene is inspired by the movie “Blue Hawaii” and Las Vegas scene is inspired by the International Hotel sign.
  • Great for display or role-playing scenes.
  • This set includes over 510 pieces.
  • Each scene base measures over 5’’ (12,80 cm) wide and 2,50’’ (6,40 cm) deep.

Thank you very much for your support!

Héctor (Instagram: @han_sbricksteen - Twitter: @han_sbricksteen)

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*This is a reissue of my original Elvis project. Thank you very much to the 607 supporters! Here we go again, so vote please, it's now or never ;)

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