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The LEGO News Building


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Stop the presses! The LEGO News has a scoop

Extra, extra! Visit The LEGO News Building, headquarter of the most reliable media group in the city. This model features removable building sections for easy access to the detailed interior, which comprises four floors. On the ground level there’s a hall and the presses. The first level has a newsroom and a newspaper library.  The second level has a darkroom, a radio studio and a television set. And on the upper level you’ll find the director’s office, a bathroom and the accesses to the terrace and the rooftop. The facade of this modular building is inspired by the early skyscrapers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The set also includes a delivery van to increase playability. This model has been designed to provide a challenging and rewarding building experience, full of nostalgia.

  • Includes 15 minifigures: media group director, secretary, two editors, cartoonist, anchorman, director, cameraman, audio engineer, radio announcer, photographer, printer, driver, delivery boy and a Hermes/Mercury statue, the messenger of the gods.
  • Ground level features a hall with a desk, shelves, a couch and a clock; and the presses with papel rolls.
  • First level features a newsroom with three desks, a cartoonist desk, a bookcase with trophies, a radio, a coffee machine, a bullseye, three clocks, a city map, a bulletin board and a code of ethics, and a newspaper library with a filing cabinet and some shelves with newspapers.
  • Second level features a darkroom with a red light, a sink and some trays and photos; a television set with a desk, a spotlight, a camera and a control room; and the radio studio features a table with two microphones, a mixing table and a record player.
  • Upper level features the director’s office with a desk, two chairs, some pieces of furniture, a lamp and a troph;, and a bathroom with a sink and a toilet.
  • The rooftop features The LEGO News sign and some vents and antennas.
  • The van carries the newspapers and the trolley, or the camera and the microphone.
  • Accessory elements include newspapers, typewriters, pens, telephones, microphones, headphones, cameras, cups and bags.
  • Remove the building sections to access the detailed interior.
  • Great for display or role-playing scenes.
  • This set includes over 2,900 pieces.
  • The building measures over 18,80” (47,70 cm) high, 10,10” (25,60 cm) wide and 10,10” (25,60 cm) deep.
  • The vehicle measures over 2,60” (6,70 cm) high, 2,50” (6,20 cm) wide and 5,70” (14,60 cm) deep.

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Héctor (@han_sbricksteen)

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