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Asterix: The Gaulish Village


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By Toutatis! Visit the small village of the indomitable Gauls that still holds out against the invaders!

Although Gaul was entirely occupied by the Romans in the year 50 B.C. (well, not entirely), 2019 is the year of the 60th anniversary of the birth of Asterix and Obelix. This model is homage to the French comic series created by the writer René Goscinny and the illustrator Albert Uderzo. The adventures of Asterix have been translated into 111 languages and the series continues nowadays with Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad. This is a combination of one of the most representative characters from the European comic and the most famous European toy.

  • Includes 15 minifigures: Asterix (Astérix), Obelix (Obélix), Panacea (Falbala), Getafix (Panoramix), Vitalstatistix (Abraracourcix), Impedimenta (Bonnemine), Cacofonix (Assurancetourix), Fulliautomatix (Cétautomatix), Mrs. Fulliautomatix, Unhygienix (Ordralfabétix), Bacteria (Iélosubmarine), Geriatrix (Agecanonix), Mrs. Geriatrix and two Vitalstatistix’s shieldbearers, plus the dog Dogmatix (Idéfix), Obelix's pet, a rooster, two chickens and two wild boars.
  • The set has five modular buildings: Asterix's house, Vitalstatistix's house, Cacofonix's treehouse, Fulliautomatix's forge and Unhygienix's fish market.
  • Each building has a completely furnished interior. Open Asterix and Fulliautomatix's houses and remove the roofs of Vitalstatistix and Cacofonix's house to see the interior details.
  • Accessories include weapons (swords, shields, spear, axe), tools (hammer, saw, knifes, scissors, fishing rod, net, trap), bard's instruments (lyre, bagpipes, horn, kettledrum, lute), druid's utensils (marmite, ladle, bottle, canteen with Magic Potion), food (sausage, carrot, apple, cherries, chop, bread, crab, a lot of stinky fishes, four roasted boars) and many more like Obelix's menhir or a Roman helmet.
  • Special print pieces are the sign of the forge, the sign of the fish market and Cacofonix's lyrics.
  • Celebrate Asterix's 60th anniversary.
  • Recreate iconic scenes like the Magic Potion drinking, the fresh fish argument, the boar hunting or the final feast, and don't forget to silence the bard.
  • Great for display or role-playing scenes.
  • This set includes over 2,900 pieces.
  • Asterix's house measures over 6" (15.30 cm) high, 8.80" (22.40 cm) wide and 7.50" (19.20 cm) deep.
  • Vitalstatistix's house measures over 7.50" (19.20 cm) high, 10" (25.60 cm) wide and 11.30" (28.80 cm) deep.
  • Cacofonix's treehouse measures over 12.10" (30.70 cm) high, 8.10" (20.80 cm) wide and 7.50" (19.20 cm) deep.
  • Fulliautomatix's forge measures over 8.30" (21.10 cm) high, 6.30" (16 cm) wide and 8.80" (22.40 cm) deep.
  • Unhygienix's fish market measures over 5.30" (13.40 cm) high, 8.80" (22.40 cm) wide and 7.50" (19.20 cm) deep.

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