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King Kong: Skull Island Adventure


King Kong: Skull Island Adventure

Introducing King Kong, the 8th Wonder of the World!  Inspired by the 1933 movie, this proposed set stars a fully posable King Kong figure, along with his beloved Ann Darrow (Fay Wray) on Skull Island.  Kong's hands, arms, legs & head fully articulate to help fans reenact a variety of movie scenes.  Ann can be placed in Kong's hand or shackled to the stone pillars to lure him towards the awaiting captors.  The floor of the stone altar even opens to reveal a secret hiding place containing a few bananas, old bones and a skeleton!  Minifigures include first mate John Driscoll, Captain Englehorn and director Carl Denham along with his trusty movie camera.

Set Includes:

  • King Kong posable figure
  • Skull Island altar scene
  • Ann Darrow minifigure
  • Carle Denham minifigure
  • John Driscoll minifigure
  • Captain Englehorn minifigure
  • Skeleton minifigure
  • Movie camera
  • Small monkey
  • 2 Snakes
  • 2 Bananas
  • 2 Bones
  • 1 Dish

King Kong measures over 10" high, 9" wide and 4" deep

Total Set: 1,424 Pieces

King Kong figure alone: 993 Pieces


This set is a collaboration between lego_gregorio and basworth



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