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MythBusters: Episode 1


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Growing up, I was never really a science person, until I found the show MythBusters. After a while, I became interested in science, and now, the show is still somewhat of an addiction to me. So, in honor of the show, which went off air in 2016 (although there is a reboot on Science Channel), I decided to make a Lego Ideas project.

I decided to do something different this time. Something really different. So I decided on the rocket car from the very first episode of MythBusters. It's a classic episode that was part of the three-episode pilot "season," and it aired on January 23, 2003 on the Discovery Channel in the United States. Of course, I wanted to pay tribute to MythBusters in its original series, so that left me with a few options. I took the option of making the rocket car because I wanted to try something different than my usual modular buildings, just to see how it would turn out. I even tried replicating the camera that had been attached to the front of the car for filming a few shots that were used in the episode. The dark green color that I used for the car's body (other than the roof, of course) was based on the original car used in the episode as well. 

The minifigures that I built for this project are, of course, the show's two main hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. I put them in the outfits that they are most well known for, and although they are not accurate to the episode, I thought that the form that I made them in would be more recognizable to those who are familiar with the show.

This project contains a little under 300 pieces, making it most likely the smallest project I've ever made. But I think it would make a great set.

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