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Vespa Siluro

Vespa was born in Italy in 1946.
Legendary works in the history of industrial design.
Forever imitated and never been surpassed.
It's a pedal motorcycle that is popular all over the world.
It's the synonym of romance and youth.
The famous movie A Roman Holiday also made it well-known, which is a reason that promoted me to choose Vespa as my moc.
And this Vespa Siluro with sidecar is really special which is a unique attraction to me.
I started playing with LEGO when I was a child, and I love building different kinds of vehicles by myself. One day, I tried to build a motorcycle which I have not built before. When I saw the picture of this Vespa Siluro when I was searching, I was deeply attracted and I decided to build a model of it as my first motorcycle moc.
As you see,  the sidecar can be separated, the handlebars can be rotated, and there is an exquisite suitcase behind. I used lots of slope and curved bricks to make sure that the model has a slick smooth body. Its length is 42 bricks, the width is 26 bricks, and the height is 28 bricks. Although there are only a few colors in the whole, it is as simple and elegant as the prototype. I hope you will love it.

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