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Final update to the design

As we are approaching 10,000 supporters, I have made a few small changes since the last update:

- Rebuilt the rear end, it is now more robust

- Added internal plates so the head can no longer be removed

- Added part 15208 to the head

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project, the response has been incredible! I will give a more detailed thank you once the project reaches its goal.


5,000 supporters!

The kākāpō project hit 5,000 supporters on Lego Ideas last night. To celebrate, I made it a sweet party hat! I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported so far, I couldn't be happier. Please continue to share the project with your friends and families!

If you live in New Zealand and would like to see the kākāpō in person, I have them on display at Mighty Ape in Auckland and Moore Wilson's in Wellington.




Kakapo v2.0

Thanks for all the support that is still coming in! I've made a few updates to the build:

  • Swapped out the brickheadz printed eyes for the Aragog printed eyes from set 75950
  • Redesigned the legs and feet
  • Removed some superfluous internal bricks (it is now 9 grams lighter)
  • Swapped the dark tan 11477 curved slopes from the forehead for lime green 11477 slopes
  • Added strength to the point where the wings meet the body

Please keep sharing the project, every supporter helps!


Kakapo chick + free instructions!

It was suggested that a kakapo minifigure could be included with the model, so I have designed a minibuild kakapo chick out of 42 parts.

Below you will find the instructions and parts list for free, but please make sure to support the project!



18 July 2018

Thank you to everyone who has supported so far! After a month, the project currently has around 1/3 of the supporters it needs for Lego to review. Please continue to share the project with friends and family!

I have just finished building another 4 kakapo so I can begin displaying them in multiple places at once. Thanks to the Christchurch Brick Show which had the kakapo on display last weekend, and to Michael Howell for displaying it for me.

The kakapo is currently on display at Toyworld Albany.

And thank you to the following for their support:



1,000 vote update

Thanks so much to everyone to has voted! We've gotten to 1,000 votes in less than 48 hours!

Thanks to everyone from r/newzealand for voting and the following for their help:

And everyone who has shared and voted from Facebook and Twitter! Please keep it up!

While you're here and voting, check out another fantastic New Zealand Project, the Queen Victoria Cruise Ship which needs just 500 votes in 19 days to get to the next stage!


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