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Santa's MECHA For Christmas 2022


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Hi Everyone,
I am MR.YJ - the LEGO Mecha MOCer.
As everyone knows, I am a big mecha fan and most of my builds are Big Size Mecha (around 38-40 cm tall), and since now is December, so I am planning to celebrate this year's Christmas in my own style.

Here I present to you! "The Santa's MECHA" 🔥

Yes even Santa Claus needs a MECHA to keep up with the sci-fi trend nowadays.

My build consists of 4 parts as shown in the photo below:

1st is the Mecha itself,
2nd is Backpack of Gifts,
3rd is the Candy Cane,
4th is the Christmas Tree

which sums up perfect for Christmas elements decoration. Red/White/Black is the classic Santa Claus color, so I applied them to the mecha itself too. The backpack is in brown as we saw in Santa's photo, he always carries a big brown bag full of gifts. For better contrast, the candy cane is designed to be Green/White and so is the Christmas tree.

The parameter of my build is 1459 parts in total, with 340 lots.

Studs: 40.9 in Width x 33.3 in Length x 41.8 in Height.
Inches:12.9 in Width x 10.5 in Length x 13.2 in Height.
CM: 32.7 in Width x 26.6 in Length x 33.5 in Height.

And the total weight is 39.326 Ounces(oz).

The designing process of my build and the technique information.

My Santa's mecha will for sure be a cool collection and display for Christmas.
Hope you all like it!

Merry Christmas in advance!

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