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The Perfect EXPLORIENS Team


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The eponymous Exploriens were a group of civilian space explorers. From their vehicles having a consistent theme of being equipped with decoding panels, tricolor alien artifacts, and various renewable/interstellar power sources, the Exploriens appear to be tasked with the pursuit of alien life in the deepest regions of outer space, far away from Earth and any usable fuel sources outside of solar and potentially alien sources.

My favorite 90s Space theme is EXPLORIENS. After one submission of the Exploriens 02 Mecha, now I choose the 01 Mecha to make a complete base setup, named "The Perfect Exploriens Team".
You can identify 7 units in my submission, as shown below.

This submission consists of 53.9 width x 85.8 length x 53.5 height in studs, measured by 43.1 width x 68.7 length x 42.8 height in cm.

Total 2456 pcs.

For all the 90s Space theme fan, I believe this submission will be a great surprise for them. After all these years, 90s Space must have a strong Return!

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