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Galaxy Squad Red Mecha Unit in Action


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Why I built it:
As a Huge MECHA Fan, build Big Size Mecha with LEGO is always my 1st choice.
When I was a Kid, 90s space serious are my favorite. (To honor all the Awesome 90s Space Sub-themes: EXPLORIENS, SPACEPOLICE2, M:Tron, Blacktron, SPYRIUS, ICEPlanet and INSECTOIDS.)
After submitted four 90s space theme mechas on IDEAS, Now I decide to open a brand-new story line to better realize my space imagination.

Yes! Here comes the NEO-GALAXY SQUAD

(Now the new version contains only 6 minifigures to show the concept only).

LET'S show some Space MECHA LOVE!

About the Model:
For AFOLs, MECHA is always a COOL object to build. So this time I choose the Red Team in GALAXY SQUAD to pilot the new mecha. This Red mecha alone is consisted of 906 parts, with size 25.6 x 14.7 x 41.4 in stud.

MECHA is all about man control mechanical body armor. So the minifigure pilot needs to stand out.
I used to design this project. This Mecha is a HEAVY COMBAT type, with very bulk armor. And the Docking Station is full of details.

Will looks very cool in your LEGO space collection.

Parameters:The total part count amounts to approx. 2321 bricks.
The whole size (according to is: 41.4 x 32.2 x 48.9 in studs.

Why I believe This PROJECT would make a great LEGO Set

For AFOLs: SPACE Theme is always the Coolest Theme and with Most Memories in their growing up period. Most of AFOLs experienced the great 90s system space series and even 1970s Classic Space series. Even till now, “Bring Back Classic Space” is a big request from AFOLs Group.
Thus, you can clearly feel the popularity of 90s SPACE Theme Design. 

Among all space idea projects, most are spaceships, space bases and Vehicles. SPACE Mecha with HANGAR like this are very rare to seem. And you can easily find lots of details at the back of the hangar base. There are 3 level floors with different work setup, very exciting to play with.

(This Image is just an Imagination, not contain in my submission)
(An Imagination of your minifigures forces be filled inside the base, can put whatever you want).

So I believe this will make a very good and popular LEGO set.

I would like all LEGO fans to see my work and feel the same LEGO love magic. (Love it, Build it and Create it).

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