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King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown


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Anyone who grew up playing PC games in the 80's and 90's remembers the King's Quest series. Selling millions of copies throughout the years, the first King's Quest was followed by 7 sequels, 1 re-imagining, a few remakes and many fan made games. I can remember sitting at the Tandy 1000 PC in my living room waiting for it to boot up, the clunk of the disk drive as I inserted the floppy disk, and the clicks from the mechanical keyboard as I typed in the commands. I spent hours playing this game, and went onto play the entire series. I chose to capture the moment where Sir Graham completes his tasks of finding the three missing treasures of Daventry: Merlin's Mirror, the Shield of Achille and the Chest of Gold. These treasures are included so you can display them on top of the castle. I also included a small hint book hidden in the base of the display.

King's Quest plays an important part in the history of adventure games, being one of, if not the first graphical adventure games where you moved a player around on the screen instead of being presented with a wall of text. Some of the best games of that golden era were directly inspired by this game.

So, why do I think this should be made into a set? Video game IP's have traditionally done well. Niche sets can also have a huge built-in fan-base, and this one has a big one. I would venture that many AFOLs were also PC Gamers in their childhood, and they remember this game fondly. It's a great looking display piece, but could also be played with by children.

And who doesn't love a castle.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.