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King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown



Hi Everyone,

I spent the past few weeks redesigning the castle to make it a few bricks taller, more detailed and a little closer to the castle in the game. I hope you like it.


Update is out!

The Alligator update has been approved. Angry and vicious alligators now patrol the moat. And if you're anything like me and needed 'help' to beat this game, a handy hint book is stored in a small compartment on the right hand side :).


Alligators and more!

I've been tweaking the design a bit since first submitted, it's just abut ready. The Royal Alligators are ready to make an appearance as the deadly moat monsters. Don't fall in!

And, as someone mentioned in the comics, this game was near impossible to get 158 out of 158 points without the hint book. So, be on the lookout for a hidden hint book (red viewer not supplied)

I'll post back when it's out the door.

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