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Clash Royale - The Tesla Tower


I am a fan of the Supercell 'Clash Royale' video game.
It includes a large series of buidings as towers and huts that can be used as nice models for the creation of new Lego sets.

This is the fifth set I created.
It is the tesla tower. Beware of its dangerous electric ray !

I wanted to make it playable respecting the scale of my other 'Clash Royale' buildings *. I analyzed many pictures of the original 'Clash Royale' tesla tower trying to include the distinctive signs of the original pattern in my project :

  • The electric ray
  • The two wooden flaps
  • The brown and red colors

I really hope that people who enjoys that video game will be happy to discover and play with my building... and with the new ones I'm preparing.

* Please come to see the other 'Clash Royale' projects I'm presenting on Lego Idea :

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  2. The inferno tower :
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  4. The tombstone :

See you soon.


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