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Clash Royale - The Goblin Hut


I am a fan of the Supercell 'Clash Royale' video game.
It includes a large series of buidings as towers and huts that can be used as nice models for the creation of new Lego sets.

This is the first set I created (I am preparing new sets) : It is the famous goblin hut.
I wanted to make it playable respecting the scale of the hut compared to the size of the two minifugres.

It includes two goblin minifigures (taking from the Lego minifigures serie 13) and the hut itself.
I analyzed many 'clash royale' original pictures of the goblin hut trying to include the distinctive signs of this building into this Lego set :

  • the two big white horns on the roof of the hut
  • a red cube at it top
  • little roof tiles (using two differents Lego colors) 
  • many wooden beams
  • the two spears in front of the hut
  • a barrel inside the hut (the goblins are always thirsty)

I really hope that people who enjoys that video game will be happy to discover (and play with) my building... and with the new ones I'm preparing.

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