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Clash Royale - The Inferno Tower


I am a fan of the Supercell 'Clash Royale' video game.
It includes a large series of buidings as towers and huts that can be used as nice models for the creation of new Lego sets.

This is the second set I created.
It is the inferno tower. It can send a terrible laser beam from its lens and burns all around.

I wanted to make it playable respecting the scale of the other 'Clash Royale' projects I created :
The gobelins minifigures included in my first project (the 'gobelin hut') can be used to play with it.
Then, let's be ready to prepare a delicious BBQ !

I analyzed many 'Clash Royale' original pictures of the inferno tower trying to include the distinctive signs of this building in my project :

  • The lens at the top of the inferno tower. I still think that it can be improved to fit more with the pattern but I feel that this one looks nice.
  • The 3 reds edges and the hexagonal pilar. This symetry axis was difficult to build but I consider that it is 'a must have' to fit with the hegagonal symetry of the top of the original tower.
  • The flames and the molten lava at the bottom of the tower that provide the energy to this Inferno tower.
  • The asymetric base (more realistic than a symetric one).

Improvments that I'm thinking about : including a lighting brick so that the lens can bright in the dark.

I really hope that people who enjoys that video game will be happy to discover (and play with) my building... and with the new ones I'm preparing.

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