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Curious George Town House

Curious George Town house.

No one is more curious than the little monkey George, always ready to discover and learn together with her inseparable friend, The Man in the Yellow Hat.

Our furry friend lives in the city, in a building with yellow walls and a bright blue roof. Together with his friend, they drive around in a yellow car in search of new fun and colorful adventures.

Yellow Hat loves his little monkey and patiently helps George learn and grow every day. George is a naughty boy, but Yellow Hat always keeps his cool and fixes everything with a smile.

Along with George and Yellow Hat, there are their fellow adventures, the upright Goalkeeper and the inflexible and sweet Hundley.

Hundley, protects the atrium from George's pranks that always ends up smearing the carpet at the entrance and beyond.

We in the family love this curious man and thanks to him, we learn many useful things, so I wanted to pay homage to this fantastic cartoon with a work dedicated to him.

The project is a sympathetic reproduction of George's Town House.

The building is presented as a modular, sectioned by floors. Street and atrium, George's apartment, attic and flagstone roof with vegetable garden and pigeon aviary, where we can see his bird friend Compass.

The work reproduces many details of the animated cartoon:

In the first module we find, the external street where we can see the typical blue awning, the red carpet and the typical plants on the sides of the entrance, crossing the elegant doors, we discover the sumptuous atrium, with the long red carpet with gold embroidery, a reception orders, letter boxes, a comfortable armchair with a small table and a beautiful retro-style elevator. All supervised by the Goalkeeper and Hundley.

In the second modular, the apartment of George and Cappello Giallo develops, on the external facade the balcony extends while internally we find the external corridor that leads to the entrance door of the apartment, crossing it we arrive in the hallway with the clothes hanger and the hanging hat, on the side the kitchen with sink, hob, fridge and the inevitable fresh fruit, adjacent is the main room, where we find the table with chairs, the green sofa, the red armchair and the yellow lamp, Then along the corridor in the center, we see the carpet and decorative table, on the sides there is the bathroom with tub and on the other side the pretty room of our little monkey, with bed, easel for painting and toys.

The third module is the blue roof with an attic closed by a flagstone, the external part is decorated, and the surface covered with tiles and includes arched windows. Internally, we find the attic with objects such as a telescope, LEGO boxes, and a bike, boxes and antique caskets stored inside.

The paving, which can be raised and separated, includes a bird aviary that houses Bussola and his pigeon friends and a hanging vegetable garden that George and Cappello love to take care of.

In creating this project, I put a lot of passion and fun and I hope he will give you a smile just like George does with his cheerfulness and curiosity.

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