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Classic Thunderbird 1


Have a FAB time with Scott Tracy aboard Thunderbird 1, and Lady Penelope with FAB 1

This LEGO set proposal is based on the classic 1960's science fiction TV series Thunderbirds created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. Growing up I loved watching the Thunderbirds with its epic and detailed vehicle designs, practical effects and exciting characters and missions. 

Set in the mid 2060's a team called International Rescue go on exciting missions with futuristic tech and vehicles. One of the most iconic of these is Thunderbird 1 piloted by Scott Tracy. Thunderbird 1 is a rapid response Rocket with swing wings and vertical take off capabilities. On top of that it makes a great looking display model when attached to the launch pad, and it's also highly swooshable! 

Lady Penelope exudes style, and is often being driven around in the luxurious FAB 1. Despite this she is actually an agent working for International Rescue! 

Thunderbirds has a lot of scope for missions, play, and display, and there is a lot of cool source material to base models and sets on. The color palette also matches well with LEGO, and those who grew up with the show like myself feel a sense of nostalgia.

For this set proposal I wanted to design a smaller set that focused on Thunderbird 1 as the main build. I also wanted some smaller secondary, and tertiary builds. For these I chose the Thunderbird 1 launch pad, which TB1 can roll along, and the cockpit seat for Scott, that also helps to display the Minifigure. I also wanted to add another vehicle, and FAB 1 seemed a great fit. I liked how its color, size, and shape went well with the other builds. Microfigures of Scott, and Penelope were added that helped give a sense of scale to their respective models. Adding splashes of other colors, such as the yellow clips on the rails, and the green FAB brick helped to add more color, interest and variety to the set as a whole.

This set proposal includes:

  • Thunderbird 1                    Part count   133
  • TB 1 Launch pad               Part count     49
  • TB1 Pad rails                     Part count     11   
  • TB 1 Cockpit chair             Part count     40
  • FAB 1                                 Part count     41
  • Minifigure & Micro figs.      Part count       6
       Total part count around 280 

Higher resolution images of my Thunderbird designs will be added on my Flicker, and ArtStation

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