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Castle of Black Falcons

Castle was never enough when I played with lego knights as a kid. I built one castle after another and loved every moment of play and construction. Lego’s love has remained as an adult, so I like to design lego in my spare time. Now I have designed a castle that is beautiful, not crowded, well
playable but also excellent as an ornament. Throughout the design, I have constantly strived to use products that are still in production. Each building can be built separately and connected to each other, the roofs of each building can be removed. It consists of a total of 2365 items, but does not appear to be crowded, the tiny ornaments significantly increase the number of items. I designed the castle for the black falcons who have just returned to lego land. I hope you like it! Please vote and share! Thank you very much!


- Bastion with blacksmith
- High bastion, with the king's residence below
- High bastion, with prison
- Barn for horses
- Market
- Dining room
- Secret treasury
- Gate

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