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Water Lilies With Green Frog


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My product idea is based on the realisation that lots of great floral sets were produced in the past, but none of them had any plants living in or near the water, even though these beauties should also be appreciated!
Obviously a plant living in or near a water body can't be displayed in our homes the same way as 'ordinary' flowers, but I think they would still look great on a windowsill, near or on aquariums or around our regular plants. I for one surely would appreciate some vibrant colors on the sideboard around my fish tank in the living room!

Additionally, I always really liked Water Lilies as a kid and as an adult as well as they are very colorful, elegant and provide great source of food for not just bees, but many other insects as well.

I really hope you will like my product idea - if you do, please support it in the hopes it will become a reality!

UPDATE 10/04/24:
Thank you everyone for your support, I appreciate it a lot - we are almost at 1.5k supporters!
As you may have already seen it, I have updated the project as per your feedback, so now it has a lovely green frog as well! :)

I also managed to source the parts needed for this set idea and I test built it to make sure everything works as intended. The big Lilies were absolutely fine but the smaller Lilies needed some tweaks. Also, the hoses did not work as the software I used (Studio) suggested, hence I updated them for tubes. Unfortunately these tubes are not bendable (yet) in the program, so I just changed 2 instead of all to give you an idea how they would look like and left the rest as is for illustration purposes. Apart from these all looks great, please find some pictures of the IRL build added as well (please keep in mind many of the parts used in the set idea do not exist in the proposed colours yet).

Please do not forget to share the idea with fellow Water Lily and Frog enthusiasts to make sure we can reach 10k! And also, please comment if you feel something can be added to make this an even better set idea! Thank you!

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