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Temple of the Lost Blade


Many searched. Few found. No one returned.

Takeo heard the legends about the Lost Blade, a jade katana hidden in a temple, powerful enough to win the toughest battles and strengthening the carrier to act wisely and cautious.

After years of travel, Takeo found the dangerous path to the temple, sided by mountains and creeks alike. Just some fishermen were brave enough to throw out their nets so far from their protective homes.

Takeo climbs the hanging bridge. A last hurdle awaits him with patience: The Stone Guardian protects the Blade for over hundreds of years now and there might be more to come…


The Idea:


I wanted to create a Japanese mountain temple that is more detailed than Ninjago buildings and rather serious and settled than the new Chinese New Year Sets.

At the same time, I tried to build more vertical and in different angles, to make the whole design more organic.


The Build:


My creation features the path to the Lost Blade, from a small creek with fish, over a pier, a small pagoda, dim-lightened stone path, the old hanging bridge and stone stairs to the temple with the jade sword and a fountain.

Under the temple, you can find a small cave, carved into the mountain. You are not the first one, it seems.

When watching closely, you can also see many small details as the diverse vegetation, the temple windows and the complex pagoda roof.

The build consists of 2095 pieces and measures about 52 x 40 centimeters (21 x 16 inches).

Comes with 5 Minifigures: the fishermen Junichiro and Akena, Takeo, the Guardian of the Lost Blade and a skeleton



I hope you like it. Feel free to comment, share and – of course – support the Temple of the Lost Blade.


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