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Customizable Modular Sliding Puzzle


The Idea:


With Sliding Puzzles, you move the different pieces around using a free spot. When every part is at its correct location, it shows a picture.

While these Puzzles can be a lot of fun, they are often either frustratingly hard or boringly easy and their replay value is quite low. Until now.

My goal was to use the biggest advantage of the Lego System – it’s unreached modularity – to create a Sliding Puzzle that comes with customizable designs and adjustable difficulty through a modular design.


How it works:


You can decide how many puzzle pieces you want to use. From a very easy 2x2 square up to a mind-breaking 5x6 puzzle, every size is possible, because of a modular design for both the frame and the ground that allows easy customization without disassembling any parts. I used mostly larger pieces here to make the whole structure stable and to achieve smooth sliding.

Additionally, the difficulty level is adjustable through the number of free spaces that you can use to slide the puzzle pieces.

For transportation or display, you can prevent the parts of the puzzle from moving around by using a round lock piece that attaches to the ground with a technic axle. I included 3 of them (and of course 3 attachment points) to work with the different difficulty levels.

The pictures just show some different designs for the frame, the lock and the puzzle picture. Of course, the possibilities are endless and you can customize you own individual Sliding Puzzle. Dots and spare parts work well here.


The Fine Print:


The Core Structure uses 1126 pieces and measures approximately 30x26x4 studs in its biggest configuration. Every part used is available, also in the particular color.



I hope you like it. Feel free to comment, share and – of course – support the Customizable Modular Sliding Puzzle.


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