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American Farmhouse


The Background:

Although I am a huge fan of the amazingly detailed modular buildings, I really miss free-standing countryside houses. Therefore, I tried to create one myself.

The Model:

The American farmhouse appears in many different versions, and I decided to design it stylish, settled and timeless in both architecture and color scheme.

Built and rendered in Bricklink’s Studio, my model measures roughly 52x54x28 studs and the house itself (measuring 26x49x28 studs) consists of just under 3000 parts.

The Features:

This house is inhabited by Mike and Rosalyn with their three children Lilly, Ryan and Lucas and their cat Sue.
The different levels can be lifted of for access to the fully detailed interior featuring:

  • Garden – with birch tree, garden fence, bicycle, classic American mailbox, small pond with fish and frog, tree stump with axe and pile of wood, wheelbarrow and grill at the backyard

  • Veranda – with rocking chair, table with cupcakes and two seats

  • Hallway – with telephone, camera on the sideboard, briefcase, hat and umbrella stands

  • Kitchen – with sink, dishes, filled fridge, stove and oven, cutlery, broom, cupboards and drawers

  • Dining/Living Room – with laid table, clock, couch, old-fashioned TV and small table with remote and soda can

  • Bathroom – with sink, toilet, basket for laundry, shower and soap

  • Master Bedroom – with double bed, cradle, lamp and baby bottle on commode

  • Children’s bedroom – with two beds (one of them a racing car bed), openable wardrobe with cassette and toy car, music magazine and lava lamp on bedside table, shelf (with trophy, action figure and playing cards), classic LEGO spaceship on the carpet, pirate hat and school bag

I hope you like it. Feel free to comment, share and – of course – support the American Farmhouse.

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