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Island of the Imperial Soldiers


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Imperial soldiers are back to keep the pirates in line!

After the release of 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay, pirate theme fans including me felt the absence of an actual imperial set because there is none in the current line. I believe a new imperial set is very needed as a counter base to the barracuda bay set. It is also needed as something you can attack with black seas' barracuda. Fans like me who have at least some of the old imperial sets are lucky, but new or young fans have nothing to counter barracuda bay at the moment. So this is the main reason why I created this set.

Three pirates and their raft
I especially designed these 3 pirates and the raft for people who don't have any other pirates to play with. It would have been boring to buy this set without any pirates to play with, so people who don't have any other pirates can at least start some adventures with these 3 pirates and their raft.

Cargo Ship
With the update imperial soldiers have a small cargo ship now! They use this small ship mostly for transportation or for bringing and exporting trade goods. With this ship you can create a lot of stories and it increases the potential of the original set a lot.

- 2785 pieces including minifigures
- Designed both from play and display perspective
- Cannonballs at 4 different levels
- Admiral's room
- Bedroom of soldiers
- Cave prison
- Storage room
- Inn

Your entrance ticket to pirate theme
A ship, a fort, a raft, pirates, imperials and tons of other pirate theme stuff are waiting for you! Enter the pirate theme with this one set. Countless adventures are guaranteed!

I hope that you like and support this set. Let's hope to bring back an Imperial set.

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