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Island of the Imperial Soldiers


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3d view of the Island

3d rendering of the Island.


3D view of the raft

3d rendering of the raft.


3D view of the ship

Here is a 3d render of the ship.


Complete overhaul update

Here is the change log of the recent edit to the project:
  • Added a small cargo ship for imperial soldiers.
  • Redesigned pirate raft model.
  • Added sand pieces to rock sides.
  • Added more plants to some blank areas.
  • Small design changes and corrections on some parts of the building.


Raft Update

Pirates and their raft was actually a last minute addition to this project. I suddenly decided to add them and was eager to release the project as soon as possible so I rushed the old raft model a bit but now it has changed! I updated the old model and now it has a wider sail, eagle's nest, mast riggings, some utensils, more barrels and more base area. I think it is considerably better than the old model now. With this update set contains 2727 pieces including minifigures now. I hope you like it :)


The Ship Update

It is time for the biggest update of the set!!!

Imperial soldiers are no longer imprisoned on the island because they now have a small cargo ship! They use this small ship mostly for transportation or for bringing and exporting trade goods. With this ship you can create a lot of stories and it increases the potential of the original set a lot. Set is still under 3000 pieces rule and now it contains 2655 pieces including minifigures. I hope you all like this new addition to the set :)


Alternative Color Schemes

I like to do alternative color versions of my projects so here I am presenting you the alternative color schemes of this project. First and second are especially important because yellow instead of orange is actually the original color palette of imperials.

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