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The Flash, Star Labs


Halfway there!!!

wow, 5000 supporters! Thank you so much to everyone that's supported so far!


Updated build

So here's pics of the updated modifications I've done after finally getting the pieces (some colour mismatches)

With the new Ideas rules I won't be able to re-submit this idea if the time runs out, so please share it around :D


Update to the Time Vault

Have again been playing around with different ideas and come up with a cleaner and more accurate looking design for the Reverse Flash's suit chamber :)


Update to the treadmill and desk

I've tweeked the Treadmill slightly to give it a less blocky look to the monitor display and a closer shape to how it appears on the show :)

I've also played around with the desk, coming up with a design for how it looks in season two where the glass panels are removed and replaced with a metal bar around the front... also included a couple of more features in with a couple of lamps and speakers 


Just a bit of fun :D

So the introduction of some new guys to LEGO dimensions allow you to open up a lil Easter egg, here's a pic to say how awesome it is ;D


Timevault projection adjustment

Made a simple improvement to the newspaper article projection in the Time-Vault which makes it look a lot better and more like a hologram projection and is also easily removable  :)


Finally have a physical build :)

Finally been able to get most of the required pieces to make a physical build :)

There's still a number of pieces which are place holders due to not being avaliable in the desired colours or prints
​(trans blue for newspaper, trans clear for desk)

I require a trans plate for the roof above the flash suit (so light can shine down on it)




Treadmill Video

Here's a quick video previewing the working Treadmill build  :)
I'm only really missing the desired stickers/printed pieces to complete overall look (something I'm unable to do)


1500 supporters!

1500 within 2 months :D

Thank you to everyone who's supported so far, I never thought it would progress this quickly

I have been working on a physical build, however I'm still missing a large number of pieces... 
but from what I do have and what I've used as substitutes, I can say its coming along nicely and everything works :D

I've even been able to review and spot a few things I missed on LDD and fine tweak/modify some bits, without changing the overall look of this build, has also resulted in the piece count dropping from 839 to 785! (which also includes adding a minifig for Gideon that can be swapped over with the newspaper display)

Here's the treadmill build with substituted plates.




hopefully I'll have the bits I ordered to build a physical model this week, depending how long the post guys have off for Easter...

In the mean time this is what I have so far :)

I've actually modified the desk from the original design slightly which has resulted it in being a lot more sturdy while also reducing the piece count by about 10 :)

(while it has the right pieces, some are not in the desirable colours due to not being available so have placeholders, eg clear trans for the top curves)

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