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The Flash, Star Labs


YouTube Video

Here's a quick video I've put together to place on YouTube, it includes a new image of a modification I've made to the Cortex desk which has made it more sturdy and reduced the piece count by around 10 :)


Full set image

Here's an updated image of the full design :)
I doubt that I would include any more to it, as it now sits at 839 pieces (including the minifigs)



After a number of requests here's the Treadmill! :)
While I really like the outcome of the design I'm still on the fence about its inclusion to the set, purely because of its 100 piece count bumping up the total number of piece from 733 to 838

I've also got round to including some screen displays, again due to the lack of graphic creation tools these are only rough ideas of how it would look :)



Sneak peek!

Nearly done...



Wells's secret room update

I've made a few slight adjustments to Well's secret room...



  • I've added the Ring socket on the suit display from which Harrison Well's uses to get his suit inside the Flash ring he wears :)
  • Made a Print/Sticker for the LEGO newspaper piece that shows the timeline newspaper Wells uses to track the changes to the future from Gideon

  • I've also updated the look of the Hologram to look a little cleaner by removing the 1x1 bricks and replacing them with rounder/smoother looking pieces


Mini-Fig updated designs


Here's an updated design for what I've been able to do with the mini-fig selection :D
The figs decals aren't perfect but gives a rough idea of how they'd look.

I've updated Barry's hair from the original images which turned out lighter during rendering, it now has a closer resemblance to the character in the show :)

The flash costume is a slightly tweeked version of a decal I found via Google that is very close to the design of the show . Final design would pretty much be a similar design

Also shout out to Emmett113 for his great call on using the new Superman piece for Harrison Wells, it really suits the character well, unfortunately it's not a piece available on LDD so I can't include it in the image, however would be my choice for a physical figure


Reverse Flash - update

Here's my design for the Reverse Flash, please bare in mind that I don't have the likes of photoshop so this isn't exactly how I'd like it, tho close enough to give a good idea :D


LDD overview

Another image of the build from LDD
Been struggling to source the bricks to build, mainly the Trans bricks and Earth Blue.

Any suggestions would be welcome :)


Lab Equipment added

updated with lab equipment put in :)
Also tried out some changing some decals.

Will be looking at making the mounted monitors 2x4 pieces rather than two 1x2 & one 2x2 and creating some themed decals for the displays


Additional equipment for the lab

Decided to have a play around and create a little extra to add more to the lab, creating one of the portable monitors and medical drip stands that you often see being used by the team.

Will update with a full scene set once I render the image.

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