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The Flash, Star Labs

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With the ever increasing world of Lego Super Heroes, a fair few people are starting to ask for sets based on the CW's ever popular TV programs such as Arrow and The Flash. (myself included :P )

With that in mind, I wanted to create a set based on "The Flash" based on the headquarters of "Team Flash" in Star Labs.
While I appreciate it is not 100% screen accurate, I've tried to capture the set so that it is easily recognisable while keeping it to a realistic and simple scale of 700 pieces.
(I would've liked to add more lab equipment or the treadmill, although if I come up with something that fits in I may add it)

The front is made up of the team's work station and lab from where they communicate with Barry as he race's around Central City, while the "Reverse" side hides Harrison Well's secret... ;)

The minifigs line up include...
Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Harrison Wells, The Flash, Reverse Flash, Gideon (mini)

Please note that I've finally figured out how to render my LDD images, however I've yet to gain the tools for creating my own decals and prints, so I'd appreciate it if people would to bare in mind. that ideally little details such as the monitor displays and mini-fig's would be consistent to how they look on the show with either printed pieces or stickers :)

  • Star Labs title/logo would be printed along the front of the desk
  • The monitors would have details related to the program (grodd escape etc)
  • Cisco's cup would either be a Jitter's Coffee cup or a Slurpee style cup
  • Both the Flash & Reverse Flash's costumes would resemble that of the show
  • Barry Allen's Torso would be of his Star Lab's sweatshirt
  • Harrison Wells would have a double sided face, one with glasses and the other with red eyes
  • The Newspaper would show the Flash Vanish headline from the show

If you're a fan of the show or know people who are please feel free to support/share this as I think it would make a great addition to the Super hero theme and hopefully open the gate for more CW/DC sets :)

​Any feedback is welcome. :)

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