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Wind Turbine


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You could spin a Lego wind turbine of your very own!


Every Lego city or farm needs a white wind turbine above a green field!  This mechanical 173 piece turbine will spin in any weather.  All you have to do is turn the crank at the structure's base!  It will stand out in your Lego collection or atop a shelf.  Also check out the cornfield and brook that adorn the land beneath the tower!  (See first thumbnail picture or click the link.)

Historically, wind turbines were designed upon the idea of a windmill to generate power.  My Lego model was created to capture the likeness of a modern-day wind turbine.  However, it was not designed to be an authentic replica of a Vestas Wind Systems turbine or any related model; rather, I intended it to be a more durable structure able to stand up to the rigors of child play.

The wind turbine is constructed of a mix of standard Legos and Technic Lego pieces to give it both a functional aspect as well as a traditional City or farm look.  The blades rotate approximately four times for every five revolutions of the handle (see second thumbnail or click the link).

This model is built robustly, with the rotation axle enclosed in the white body pieces.  The blades, each a single piece, are connected to the spinner by technic pins.  The turbine's base is set upon an axle that can be connected to pieces built in the landscape.  Despite its general durability, it has several fine connection points that can be broken with little effort.  I would recommend an age range of 8+.  Complete measurements of the wind turbine are listed on the main picture.

Thank you for your time considering this project.  Please support and follow this project if you have an interest and share it with those you know!  You can help make this idea a reality!  Comments are always welcome.  Please also check out my other project, Acoustic Guitar, by clicking here!


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