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Palace of Westminster


Palace of Westminster - Update #1

First off, thank you everyone for the support/comments so far!

Almost as soon as I posted this project I began working on various additions and modifications, and I am ready to introduce those changes now! Here are the highlights for the changes made:

1) The most important change I wanted to make was to reduce the piece count. 4701 pieces is a lot, especially when you work on the assumption that cost would = (# of pieces) * ($0.10). I have been able to reduce the brick count from 4701 down to 4107. Most of that drop was the result of me significantly changing the base of the design. I also made changes to the non visible pieces inside the building which helped to bring the count down! 

2) The Central tower - I always felt I had designed it too broad compared to the real tower. So I made it thinner and I think the new version is much better.

3) The Victoria tower - I redesigned this in order to better match the real one. I wanted to give the look of two sets of windows, whereas I felt the first version looked like 3. 

4) The Front Side - A rather significant detail I failed to capture in the first version was the raised section of the front side of the building/wall. As soon as I realized I had not captured it I set out to add it.

5) Small changes - I made a lot of little changes here and there... including changing a lot of the smaller "towers" scattered throughout the design and the addition of pearl gold pieces on the Victoria tower and Big Ben.


Please let me know what you think of all the changes! Thanks again for your support!

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