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Palace of Westminster


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My idea is to build a Lego Architecture set that showcases (in whole) one of the most beautiful and iconic buildings in the world, the Palace of Westminster (aka British Parliament). This set is an expansion of the already existing Architecture Big Ben set (21013). Please note that in this design, the Big Ben is not original and is built according to the 21013 set.

This set is incredibly large, coming in at 4701 pieces and 20.47 Inches by 9.45 Inches (LxW).  I tried to capture as much of the beauty and detail as I could while matching the style and design of the original 21013 set. 

Some key details to notice:

The Victoria Tower (opposite Big Ben), specifically the "archway" underneath which includes doors! 

The Central Tower (found in the near center) and how it builds from its octagonal base.

Westminster Hall (just north of Central Tower), which in real life is the oldest part of the entire Palace!

This set was designed in Lego Digital Designer, and has not yet been realized in reality (given the size and associated cost of 4701 pieces). I hope to a real version of the set at some later point.


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