Product Idea

LEGO 00 Gundam GN-0000 (Mobile Suit Gundam 00)

My new Lego Gundam MOC, base on a Gundam in season 2 of the series "Mobile suit Gundam 00", piloted by main character. Being the 4th generation Gundam of Celestial Being, 00 was developed base on Setsuna's previous Gundam (Exia) and equipped 2 GN-Drive for 4x performance compared to Exia. This mobile suit later will attach with the mobile armor 0-Raiser to become 00 Raiser which is much more powerful.

  • Name: 00 Gundam
  • Code: GN-0000
  • Upgrade form: 00 Raiser
  • Pilot: Setsuna F Seiei
  • Power source: 2 GN-Drive (Twin-drive).
  • Series: Mobile suit Gundam 00
  • Weapon: 2 GN-sword, 2 beam saber.

Compare to my previous MOC from "Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans" which i wanted to simple and easy to build the inner frame. This time, i purposely want the frame have more articulation and the out side armor become more accurate to the real design.

For Building instruction,  articulation and detail, please check videos in my channel: