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60's Performance Car

This is a 60's performance car. It is meant to be tuned, hence the nitro tanks on the boot. It is low, giving it a sporty appearance.

This build is motorized, with a large motor giving good performance. The motor has a 1:1 gear ratio, and can achieve 4MPH (tested on a full battery). The steering is precise, allowing easy control. 

I believe this will be a good set because it is a fast, cool looking car. There is currently no motorized Lego car which looks like this, and I would be affordable, allowing many people to buy it. 

Quick note: This build uses official Lego Power Functions electronics to power it. These are outdated, but are only used because I currently do not have the new Powered Up system. When I get the Powered Up motors and battery box I will convert this car to have them. This will be edited, including retaking the picture. Thanks.

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