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Antwerp Station (Belgium)

The past few months I've developped this train station, since there was no moddle available yet. It's inspired on the Antwerp Central Station. Elected one of the most beautiful train stations in the world, or greatest in Europe; made me more convinced to construct this build.

The original rail station was opened in the year 1838 and was made of wood. At the end of the century it was enlarged and redesigned in the years 1899-1905. The current design is inspired on the pantheon and the old station building of Luzern and the following architects/engineers were involved; Clément Van Bogaert ; Louis Delacenserie ; Charles Poupaert. It was restaured to its current state from 1986 untill 1998. From 1998 until 2006 it was enlarged with extra levels and 2 tunnels were constructed underneath the station. It was during these years an uncle of mine was involved in this project as building surveyor. Next to this my grandfather was a station master and my great grandfather was a railway worker.

The first design counted 11.500 bricks and so it was a great challenge to narrow it down to less than 3.000 bricks.

I Had a lot of fun creating this and hope this will pass the challenge of 10.000 votes in order to be produced.

Do not hesitate to comment or give feedback.

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for more information you can visit the real estate inventory website of the Flemish governement:

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