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Stealth-Infiltrator, Neo-Blacktron


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The plague of the galaxy is back. This time Blacktrons not only spy and sell the stolen secrets but they act as space pirates on shoot & run assault missions. Nobody is safe from these space villains.
The set consists of 3 creations:
  1. The Stealth-Infiltrator, a medium range spacecraft
  2. The Black-Drone which attaches to the spacecraft
  3. The Menace, an all-terrain vehicle.
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I hope you like my own graphic background work as well. 
Why I built it
After uploading some Neo Classic Space set proposals I want to enter an own Neo-Blacktron proposal as well. This time I want to keep the set affordable for most fans and at the same time show lots of features. That means a rather small/medium sized set. As with all my creations it has to offer lots of playing possibilities and at the same time be good for display.
About the creation
Blacktron Stealth-Infiltrator: A medium ranged spaceship capable of assaults or spying activities. The cockpit may raise taking in many positions. It opens up to fit the pilot. In the front part on top of the wings are two foldable medium ranged spying detectors. Four rotating thrusters give the ship the needed propulsion. Retractable landing gears enable safe landing.
Black Drone: The drone fits one pilot and is used for short range missions. It may be equipped with plasma cannons for assault missions or with the detectors from the spaceship for spying activities. The cockpit completely opens up to easily place the pilot. Retractable landing gears are available as well. But you may also attach the drone to the Stealth-Infiltrator turning it into a combat bay capable of swiveling into every desirable position.
Menace: This is an all-terrain vehicle. The front windshield is protected by a cage. Both cage and windshield open up. In the back of the vehicle is a retractable combat bay. It may be lifted and can turn 360°. This enables firing while the Menace is driving. You may also exchange the laser cannons with the spying detectors from the spaceship.
Stealth-Infiltrator: 533 bricks and 297 grams of weight
Black Drone: 118 bricks and 58 grams of weight
Menace: 219 bricks and 132 grams of weight
Total: 870 bricks and 497 grams of weight
Plus 4 Blacktron minifigures. Each of the three creations are stable and allow a good playing experience.
Why this could be a good set
  1. This set represents the needed antagonist for the new Galaxy Explorer no matter if you want to play with it or display it in your show case.
  2. The set’s playing possibilities are enormous.
  3. The set is an eye-catcher for display.
  4. The set triggers your creativity as you can build whatever you want for the back of the spaceship and for the back of the vehicle.
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