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Man Truck Forestry Tower Yarder


This LEGO project was born from my passion for the forestry equipment sector, the sector in which I work. I chose to reproduce this model because it is one of the fundamental trucks in the retrieval of the forest necessary in my territory after the passage of the 2018 Vaia storm that destroyed millions of hectares of forest, with the intent to celebrate this event.

I made this model inspired by an existing model, trying to make it as realistic as possible.
In reality, this vehicle is built on the basis of a normal truck, on which two main elements are mounted. A jib / pole which is then anchored to the ground by four cables, from the jib starts a skyline rope on which a carriage runs, which is used to carry upstream or downstream logs that are in a position otherwise difficult to reach; There is also a crane for processing the material recovered from the cable way.

The set consists of 2500 LEGO TECHNIC pieces. There are two motors that work with the IR-CONTROL remote control, but these are replaceable by the new LEGO motors that can be controlled from the APP.
Some mechanisms of the model have a manual command (positioning of the feet that stabilize the vehicle during work, movement of the crane, release and blocking of the carriage brake) the anchor ropes of the jib are manually tensioned through of small self-locking winches, this also applies to the supporting rope, through which the jib is also positioned.

This vehicle can work in two ways:
1. Positioning the model at the top with the carrying rope (skyline rope) going downwards, it will be    sufficient to use only one of the two hauling ropes for handling, only one motor is used;
2. Positioning the model at the bottom with the carrying rope (skyline rope) going upwards, it will be necessary to use both hauling ropes: the first goes up to the anchorage of the skyline and then through a pulley goes towards the carriage while the second is mounted as in the previous case; in this case both motors are used (the second acts as a selector between the 2 hauling ropes).

I think this model can be a good LEGO set because it can be appreciated both as a play model, because of its functionality, and as a collectible model for its being a particular vehicle of work, which is at the base of the production chain of the timber; thus becoming interesting for fans of all kinds. I tried to build this set in the simplest way possible to share it with my 7-year-old grandson, in my opinion it can also be suitable for children from 11 years old, giving them opportunities to discover a sector of work to many unknown, also bringing them closer to nature and ecology which are the realities in which this vehicle operates.
The rope is made by LEGO string x77cc300 (it would be better if it was longer).

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