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Dizz4 Speedy Robot

If you are tired of slow-motion robots and want to experience all the available power of EV3 motors and make the most of programming maneuvers, then you should try Dizz4.

Dizz4  is an EV3 Mindstorms programmable robot I built with the idea of speed. It is simple and has a good balance and rotation speed. When building it I aimed at having a programmable robot that really pushes the mobility possibilities of the EV3 machines. There are not many robots that show a speedy movement and maneuverability so I think a model like this one could be interesting for EV3 fans.

Dizz4 runs well on different types of substrate, especially of smooth surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or ceramic soil. It can be controlled directly with the EV3 remote control device. The infrared sensor that gives the chracateristc "face" to Dizz4 can be programmed to respond to proximity to obstacles when functioning with autonomous programs. 

There are 52 parts in the build with 285 total quantity. Dizz4 can be built with the Mindstorms EV3 regular set or the EV3 Education Core Set and two additional LEGO PART 59521 Wheel Hard Plastic Spoked Giant Thin 160 x 28, the large 160mm diameter wheel.

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